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Wednesday Workouts

Every Wednesday at 7pm we meet at the Berthoud Athletic Club.  Our Wednesday workouts are about getting physically strong as well as mentally strong.  The BAC has graciously opened the doors to the J.O,S.H. program and we work on cardio, weights, core strength, and boxing!

J.O.S.H. Sundays

Our J.O.S.H Sundays are always a good time. On Sundays we often have guest visitors, games, ice breakers and all around fun. We often incorporate life skills and involve everyone.

J.O.S.H. Give Back Days

Every other month the J.O.S.H. program gets together and does something to give back to the community. We have picked up leaves, helped wrap a burnt barn to protect from the elements, painted the old Berthoud Train Station (Lyons Club) and occasionally work a booth at various town festivals and events.  

J.O.S.H. Outings

Every other month we schedule a J.O.S.H. outing. Always somewhere fun and the costs are always covered. We are typically able to provide transportation as well. We've gone as a group to Fly High, Rockies Game, Colorado National Speedway to watch the races and Unser Go-Carting for our racing fun! Where do you want to go?

Peer Support

The whole idea about the J.O.S.H. program is to develop relationships and feel valued. While we work on getting strong both physically and mentally, we also work on building relationships with everyone in the group. We strive to make everyone feel valued by each other and that their lives truly matter. J.O.S.H members develop in to Warriors who are invincible, conquerors and defenders!

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