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About us

J.O.S.H. is a non-profit organization that provides an environment where
kids can develop confidence, self-esteem and optimism for a bright future.
The J.O.S.H. program imparts strength and purpose to all kids, regardless
of background. Members of the program know they belong and feel valued
by one another and that their lives truly matter.
These kids will know themselves as Warriors in more ways than the
physical, i.e. writing, arts, music, crafts and scholastic. Warriors are
invincible, unbeaten, conquerors and defenders.

our BOard members
JJ Francis
Rhea Denney
Trent Maddex


Taylyn Maddex
Caleb Francis
Scott Crossen

Coach / Founder


Gunnar Hudson

Warrior / Co-founder

Kadee Vartanian

Empowered Lotus Yoga


If you or someone you know needs help, there are 24/7 resources available:

- Text HELP to 741741

- Colorado Crisis Line @ (844)493-8255

- National Suicide Hotline @ (800)273-8255


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